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What install is best for me?

There are two different installs.
One for Windows 7 / VISTA and a the second
for everyone else (XP and 2000).
What is the difference?
XP will put all your files in a normal place.
\program files\ISS MMS Synchro
VISTA and Windows 7 will put them in a “safe” place.

Don’t worry, if you need to access the files, there is a button on the Check List page to open the directory..

Latest Versions

Run Event 1.5 Jan 2011
ISS MMS 3.9 Jan 2011
Display Results Jan 2011
Dive Sheet Generator Diver 11.3 Jan 2011

Existing user?
How to upgrade
 to version 3.9

  1. Export any current competition
  2. Save all your exported competitions to a new location
  3. Uninstall existing software
  4. Install the current version

What’s New

  • Automated safety backups.
  • 11 judges for synchro.
  • Reports show if a diver balked.
  • Exporting a competition includes the rules file.
  • Option to use Canadian Sr and Jr extra rules.

What’s New
Run Event

  • New standings file format to display board height for platform events using Display Results.
  • 11 judges for synchro.
  • Bug fix: Changing a dive without a DD.
  • Automated cuts for Juniors

What’s New

  • Displays board height for platform events in numberboard mode (requires Run Event 1.5 or higher).
  • 11 judges for synchro.

What’s New
Dive Sheet

  • Auto-Export (no need to pick your file)
  • Time Stamped export files (no accidental overwrite)
  • Coach Edition has synchro
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