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What install is best for me?

There are two different installs.
One for Windows 7 / VISTA and a the second
for everyone else (XP and 2000).
What is the difference?
XP will put all your files in a normal place.
\program files\ISS MMS Synchro
VISTA and Windows 7 will put them in a “safe” place.

Don’t worry, if you need to access the files, there is a button on the Check List page to open the directory..

Latest Versions

ISS MMS 2.7 March 2011

Existing user?
How to upgrade
 to version 2.5
Already on 2.5
or higher?
just upgrade

Only required if you are using version 2.3 or lower

  1. Export any current competition
  2. Save all your exported competitions to a new location
  3. Uninstall existing software
  4. Install the current version

What’s New

  • [2.8] Minor fix: Announcer Screen and Teams
  • [2.8] Carry over scores notice if not found.
  • [2.7] Blank birthdates are accepted.
  • [2.7] Announcer screen: Show Tech Merit and Art Imp totals. Above Routine and Champ.
  • [2.7] The Championship Report can be generated even if we have only completed figures.
  • [2.7] Judge Evaluations will display more than 5 judges correctly.
  • [2.7] Judge Evaluations will use a deviation of 0.3 instead of 0.2.
  • [2.7] Judge Evaluations show Top 10 deviations for more than 5 judges correctly.
  • [2.7] Revised Announcer script.[2.6] Clear all scores in the 3 score method works
  • [2.6] Missing judges in the 3 score method will calculate the average
  • [2.6] You will be notified if you choose an illegal judge panel configuration for figures (most common error)
  • [2.6] You will be notified if you attempt a 3-judge scoring system for figures (illegal)
  • [2.6] Coaches are in selected order in the Team Builder form
  • [2.6] JD Totals show for figures [bug fix]
  • [2.5] Synchro BC Age Groups
  • [2.5] Option to download Rec members too
  • [2.5] Screen resizing helps visibility
  • Automated safety backups
  • Translated to French
  • Show officials panel for figures
  • Figure name now exists on Judges by Event report
  • Password protected Judge Evaluations
  • The calculated score will be displayed instead of -.- for a missing judge
  • When we’re one judge short, you’ll be asked if the judge is permanently missing. If so, you won’t be ask again during the scoring session
  • When you’re missing a score, pressing the enter key will no longer jump two swimmers
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