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Clublink - Reporting

Question: What do I do if I need a report that is not available in Clublink?

Answer: We are currently expanding our report repertoire. Fax a sample of your report to 1-514-694-1106.

Clublink reports are built using ReportSmith. These reports can be registered with Clublink.

New reports can be downloading from this web site.

Question: Can I access the Clublink data myself and create reports using my own reporting tool ?

Answer: Yes, Clublink uses Borland dBase data tables.

The tables can be imported into almost all reporting tools (ex : Microsoft Access). For more information on the specifics of the data structure, E-mail us directly.

Question: I am missing reports that were originally installed with Clublink, how can I reinstall the reports ?

Answer: Click here to re-install the Clublink reports. If you have installed Clublink custom reports, they will need to be reinstalled.

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