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What`s New Diving

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Latest Versions

Run Event 4.30 Oct 2019
ISS MMS 4.46 Oct 2019
Display Results Sept 2018
Dive Sheet Generator Diver 16.7 Feb 2021
Dive Sheet Generator Coach 16.7 Feb 2021

How to upgrade
 to version 4.0

Already on 3.9 or higher? You can upgrade directly

  1. Export any current competition
  2. Save all your exported competitions to a new location
  3. Uninstall existing software
  4. Install the current version

What`s New

  • V4.47 Bug fix. The wrong dive displayed a DD error if we had cuts in the event. Just a visual irritant
  • V4.46 Internet integration for Divemeets
  • V4.45 Fix to Canadian Rules. BUG: Event fees were charged for C and D group finals
  • V4.44 Fix to Canadian Rules. BUG: Modifying a platform list would make all dives illegal
  • V4.43 XML Scoreboard integration with Run Event
  • V4.42 Updates to 2018 Jeux de Quebec
  • V4.41 Updates to 2018 Quebec rules D-Group Espoir
  • V4.40 Implementation of Jeux de Quebec Age Groups
  • V4.39 Implementation of the Team Event
  • V4.39 Updates to 2018 Quebec rules
  • V4.38 Internal Testing
  • V4.37 Minor updates to reports and Canadian rules
  • V4.36 Importing Tier II dive sheets bug fix.
  • V4.36 Canadian rule addition for D group platform.
  • V4.35 Additional Canadian rule implementation.
  • V4.34 EVT files for synchro teams from 2 clubs.
  • V4.34 Start List for synchro is now on 2 lines.
  • V4.34 Minor fixes to the new Canadian rules D2 303C dive #6 bug fix
  • V16.1 Canadian Dive Sheet Generators no longer have special DDs for age groups.
  • V4.32 Minor fixes to the new Canadian rules
  • V4.31 Backwards compatibility with old versions of Dive Sheet Generator
  • V4.30 New Canadian Dive Sheet Generators
  • V4.30 Updated DD List to include 101F and 201F
  • V4.30 2017 Canadian C1 C2 D1 D2 and Espoir rules implemented
  • V4.27 Minor update to importing excel entries
  • Dive Sheet Generators : Our service provider forced a login change!!!!
  • V4.25 Minor report formatting
  • V4.25 Printing option for A4 or Letter
  • V4.24 Bug fix: Could not generate an event file with only one diver
  • V4.23 Managing electronic dive sheets that look good but get rejected
  • V4.23 Inclusion of the mixed synchro event
  • V4.15 Run Event Announcer Screen
  • V4.15 Added FINA Masters Synchro Age Groups
  • V4.15 New FINA DDs.
  • V4.12 Canadian Age Group Bug fix: C Group on 1m : Feet first entries only allowed on a Fwd spinning with a min of 2 ss or Dives from Group 5.
  • V4.10 New Look
  • V4.10 Footers can be included in reports
  • V4.10 Impossible to generate events with no divers
  • V4.10 Minor bug fixes
  • V4.09 New DDs for 2013-2017
  • V4.09 Shortcuts from the Events Page
  • V4.08 Canadian Rules Update
  • V4.06 Clarification on 301 and 201 being compulsory (Canadian Rules Update)
  • V4.05 Fully tested Canadian Rules
  • Added 16 Age Groups. Originally A..F, Open and Other. Now added Tier I for all groups and Tier II for all groups allowing for Tier II events to run simultaneously with others.
  • Assign one DD list to your entire competition or assign a list to each age group.
  • Download DD lists from the web menu option.
  • Download Rules from the web menu option.
  • Larger fonts and smarter grids that resize automatically.
  • Larger application layout. 1020 x 700 instead of 800 x 600.
  • Club names: If a dive list is entered with a club name that is not in the master list, you are notified.
  • Setup rules for all age groups including a minimum DD. This page has been made easier to understand.
  • Timetable: Smart filter tabs for each day of the competition.
  • Competitors: If using Tier II, E-Group exceptions or synchro, the dive list display will show the correct DD for the exceptions.
  • Judges: Smart filter tabs for each day of the competition.
  • Events: Quick print options for our favorite reports. Specify the number of copies and press the button. The software remembers the # of copies.
  • Events: A button to `Reorder an Event` instead of having to select an event from the menu.
  • Reports: Check Diver Names
  • Reports: Check Rules for a selected event or entire competition. Contains all the DPC Age Group Rules for 2013.
  • Reports: Special Age Group DDs. If the DDs for an age group differ from the FINA list, we will list the dives and DDs that differ.
  • Dive Sheets: New format for 11-judge synchro.
  • Dive Sheets: Addition of Tier I, Tier II, Espoir on the form.
  • Settings: Letterhead Builder: Ability to include a report footer for advertisers (720x50).
  • Settings: Rules: Checkboxes for CDN Rules, E-Group exception and Tier II rules.
  • Settings: DDs: Custom DD lists. All DDs were validated with FINA.
  • Automated safety backups.
  • 11 judges for synchro.
  • Reports show if a diver balked.
  • Exporting a competition includes the rules file.
  • Option to use Canadian Sr and Jr extra rules.

What`s New
Run Event

  • Video Scoreboard XML interface
  • Announcer Screen and updated DDs
  • Run 4 events simultaneously
  • Implementation of Tier II events
  • Add/Scratch a diver

What`s New

  • Updated and refined.
  • Displays board height for platform events in numberboard mode (requires Run Event 1.5 or higher).
  • 11 judges for synchro.

What`s New
Dive Sheet

  • Addition of RIPTECH DIVING
  • Canadian and Quebec Rules
  • 11-Judge Synchro Sheet
  • Copy/Paste in the Coach Edition
  • Tier II dive sheets
  • Tier II DD List

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