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Clublink - Reporting

Users just like you have been requesting new reports. Well here they are, all in one place.
Follow the Instructions at the bottom of this page on how to register new reports with Clublink or check it out by pressing F1 from Clublink or look it up in your 3.1 User manual.
After downloading the report you like, run the downloaded file to extract the selected reports into your \Clublink\Reports folder.
Click the Report Name to download, Click the Description to preview.
The Report Reference Guide contains previews and descriptions of most reports. (zip)

Report Style # Report Description (click to preview)
Class Level Attendance Reports and Class Lists
Attendance-j 5 Age,Sex,Name,phone,mednote
Attendance-k 6 Age, Name
Attendance-l 6 Level 4,Name,Sex,B-date,Phone,Medical-Landscape
Attendance-m 6 Level 5,Name,Phone-Landscape
Attendance-n 6 Name - No waiting list
Attendance-o 6 Level 4,Name,Sex,B-date,Phone,Medical-Landscape with Days of the week
Attendance-p 6 Level 4,Name,Age,B-date,Phone,Medical- No Waiting List -Landscape
Attendance-q 6 19 columns Level 4,Name,B-date,Phone,Medical- No Waiting List -Landscape
Attendance-r 5 Age,Sex,Name,Level 4,Medical -Landscape
Class List-8 6 Name,Medical- Portrait
Class List-9 6 Age,Name,Level 4,Note -Portrait
Coach Schedules 2 Teacher,Time,Class for one or all schedules
Central Office Member Lists - Requires multiple clubs
List-12 1 Name,Levels,Sex,B-date,Club,Card #,Region for a Level 4 -Landscape (see 23)
List-13 1 Name.Levels,Sex,Club,Card #,Region -Landscape
List-14 1 Name,Levels,Sex,B-date,Club,Card #,Region for a Region -Landscape (see 23)
List-15 1 Name.Levels,Sex,Club,Card #,Region -Landscape (see 13)
List-23 1 Name,Levels,Sex,B-date,Club,Card #,Region -Landscape
List-26 1 Club Id,Club,Region,Address,Phone,Fax- Landscape
List-27 1 Name,Address,Phone,Fax,Club,Levels,Role- Landscape
List-28 1 Name,Address,Phone,Fax,Club,Levels,Role,Memb #,B-date- Landscape
List-32 1 Club Id,Club,Address,Phone,E-Mail,Contact- Landscape
List-34 1 Sex,Name,Card #,Levels 1 and 2,Club - Landscape
List-35 1 Club Id,Club,Region,Type,Phone - Landscape
List-36 1 Name,Address,Phone,Card #,Region,Club - Landscape
List-42 1 Demographcs: Roles vs Provinces (totals) - Portrait
List-44 1 Club Name,Address,Phone,Fax,Contact Phone,Contact,Website - Landscape
List-45 1 Name,Birthdate,Sex,Club,Levels 2+3 - Portrait
List-48 1 Name,Address,Phone,Club,Level 1,Levels 2+3,Role,Memb #,B-date- Landscape
Club Member Lists - single or multiple clubs
List-11 1 Birthday List - Name,Address,Postal,Phone,Birthdate
List-16 1 Age,Name,Phone,Address,Contact #1,Contact #2 -Landscape
List-17 1 First Name,Family Name,Phone,Contact #1,Contact #2 -Portrait
List-18 1 Active Status,Name,Address -Portrait
List-19 1 Start Date,Name,Address -Portrait
List-20 1 Active Status,Name,Phone,Level 1, Start Date -Portrait
List-21 1 Active Status,Name,Address,Phone -Portrait
List-22 1 Name,Phone,Contact #1,Contact #2 -Portrait
List-24 1 Name,Levels,Sex,Card # -Landscape
List-25 1 Contact #1 with Phone,Contact #2 with Phone,Address,Phone- Landscape
List-29 1 Name,Sex,Address,Phone,Office Phone,Card #,Level 1,Level 2 ordered by Level 1+ Level 2 with Level 2 sub totals - Landscape
List-30 1 Name,Phone
List-31 1 Name,Address,Phone,E-Mail - Landscape
List-33 1 Name,Address,Phone,Fax,E-Mail,Birthdate,Role,Levels - Landscape
List-37 1 Name,Address - no duplicates - Portrait
List-38 1 Demographics: Name,Sex,Address,Phone,Card #,Levels - sub totals on Role and Level 1 - Landscape
List-39 1 Name,Address,Phone,Work,Fax,E-Mail,Role,Levels- Landscape
List-40 1 Accidents: Name,Phone,Accident Date,Accident- Portrait
List-41 1 Members Expiring between dates: Name,Phone,Expiry Date, Level 1- Portrait
List-46 1 Entry List: Sex,Card,Birth Date,Name,Level 1- Portrait
List-47 1 Entry List: Sex,Card,Birth Date,Name,Levels - Portrait
List-49 1 Name,Phone, Level 4 (ordered by Level 4)
List-50 1 Name,Phone, Level 4,Level 5 (ordered by Level 4, Level 5)
List-51 1 Contact #1,Name,Conatact #1 Phone,Occupation -Portrait
List-53 1 Age, Last Name, First Name, Address, Postal Code, Phone
List-53-FPAQ 1 #, Nom, Adresse, Residence, Bureau, Naissance, Couriel
List-54 1 Name, Phone, Class Schedule, Teacher, Class, Address
List-55 1 Name, Address, Phone, Birthdate, Role
List-56 1 Name, Address, Phone, Birthdate, Role, Card #
List-58 1 Last Name, First Name, Address, Apt, City, Province, Postal Code
List-59 1 Name, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Card #, Birthdate
List-60 1 Name, Age, Date of Birth, Level 1+2, Card #
5160-A 1 3 x 10 Name,Schedule,Teacher,Time,Class for a Schedule (Class Level)
5160-B 1 3 x 10 ROLODEX - Last Name,Street,First Name,Phone (Base Level)
5160-C 1 3 x 10 ROLODEX - Name,Address,Phone,E-mail (Base Level)
5161-A 1 2 x 10 ROLODEX - Name,Street,City,Phone, Emergency Phone (Base Level)
US-Labels 12 5160,5161,5162 replacement reports (Zip code on same line as state)
    Sample Membership Cards (request yours) in color with photos

Class Level Reports Naming Conventions
Class Level Reports start with a few letters, followed by 2 numbers and then the report style (a letter or number). Attendance reports start with "Att" and Class List reports start with "Tpl". The 2 number code determines how many classes show up when the report is launched. The 2 number code follows the following convention:
1-1 Full schedule report ordered by Column, Level then Teacher
1-2 Full schedule report ordered by Teacher, Column then Level
2-1 Current column ordered by Level
2-2 Current column ordered by Teacher
2b-1 Current Teacher ordered by Column
3-1 Current Class
Registering Reports

Clublink 5.0 Users:

It's even easier. Other users follow the instructions below
1. Extract the report to anywhere on your computer
2. Drag the report onto any open Drop Button to register the report.

Clublink 4.2 or earlier:

To register a new report, select (Reports | Register) from the Class Level Reports window or any Drop Button List window. The Registered Reports window lists all currently registered reports (unique to each Drop Button).
The buttons along the bottom allow you to Close the window, Add a new custom report,Modify the description of the highlighted report, or Delete a report from the list.
From the New Report window press Add
The New Report window displays all the report files available for registration (all files in the Clublink\Reports folder). Click on the file you wish to register, type a Description, then press Register. When you have registered all the files you wish to register, press Close to return to the Registered Reports window.

Note: Deleting a report from your Registered Reports list does not actually delete the file from the computer, it only deletes the registration reference to the file.

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