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Registration/Waiver Forms

Use your own Registration Forms right from Clublink!


 Use Custom Registration Forms to...



  • Print off member information as a hard copy backup...sample...
  • Reproduce your club Waiver Form....sample....
  • Generate in-house receipts
  • Print personalized welcome letters





Associate up to 6 different reports, one for....



  • Recreational
  • Competitive
  • Coach
  • Judge
  • Member
  • Class participant


Member Report

It's easy, just press the Member Report button
one in Member Level and one in Class Level

Member Report





Ordering your custom reports is simple....



  1. Design or obtain your current form
  2. Outline which elements are fixed and which are contained in Clublink Member Level Data Fields
  3. Include any required graphics or logos
  4. Fax or e-mail the design to ISS Inc (that's us)



How to submit your form(s)



E-Mail: info@integratedsports.net
Fax: 514-878-8140
Phone: 514-398-0766



$$ Cost $$



$60.00 CDN per report


Member Report

Check our new reports, maybe the one you need
is already there.

Member Report

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    • Your computer administrator deleted it trying to fix a virus
    • You deleted it, thinking it was unnecessary
    • You installed a software product that also uses the Borland Database Engine, but their installation defectively overwrote any existing Borland Database Engine settings

Download and run this file from anywhere on your computer to re-install the Borland Database Engine Clublink configuration.

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